Catch it before it melts.

March 4 Earth (M4E) is working to connect and empower Aussies (like you!) to live more sustainably and support climate action. It’s challenge where you can reduce your real-life carbon footprint for 31 days in March, while raising funds for Australian environmental organisations.

March 4 Earth is kicking off its first fundraising campaign in March 2022.

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Our vision is simple.

Our aim is for Aussies – from all corners of this true blue country – to make sustainable choices everyday – both big and small.

By getting involved you’ll help Aussies (and other earthlings) to create change so we can keep on enjoying our precious planet for years and years … and years to come!

Now that’s hella fly.

How it works

This all sounds totally tubular, but what’s involved?

In 2022, users will be able to:

Create an account.
Choose actions.
Do challenges to earn rewards and learn more about how to reduce their carbon footprint.
Compete with other challengers for the top spot!
Tell family and friends to support the quest to save the planet by donating.
Share progress via social media.
We’ve got some big ideas, and we need BIG help. March 4 Earth is currently seeking funding partners, angel investors, supporters, and sponsors. Contact us if you can help or want to find out more.